AoT Lausanne, first edition

November 12, 2018

Our first event took place on the 12th of November 2018, at the EPFL Satellite bar. The 60 places (which were free, of course) were booked in less than 48h, and the evening was a success!

Thanks to the committee’s organisation and the help of the team of the Satellite bar association, our great speakers explained us about all details of the Apollo 8 mission, which was the first manned mission to go around the moon, and to reach the far side.

Introducing the Apollo program, by Chloé Carrière

How did we end up so quickly on the surface of the Moon? The Space Race during the Cold War explains the motivations for the Americans to put so much effort and budget in the matter. Technologically speaking, what are the programs, which allowed Apollo to be born?

The amazing story of Apollo 8, by Martine Harmel, secretary of the Swiss Space Center

On December 21st 1968, three courageous American astronauts were the very first to escape the gravity of the earth and head to the moon. Martine presented the Apollo 8 mission with its main highlights in a period of cold war and social turbulence, using a paper Saturn V to demonstrate the various phases of the mission.

Astrobiology, Aliens & the Apollo landing sites, by Dr. Daniel Angerhausen

Dr. Daniel Angerhausen explains the signification of Astrobiology and presents some Earth Aliens such as the tardigrade. Then, he disproves some Alien theories and Megastructures such as the “Anomalies” on the Moon.

How are exoplanets detected from the ground ? Daniel shows the transit method applied in his research.

Asking for the moon, by Prof. Georges Meylan

Georges Meylan, cosmologist, brings us back in time by presenting the awe for the Moon since Galileo. Introducing Apollo 8 but also the following missions such as Apollo 11, he shows historical images of the discovery of our moon. He compares the needs for space exploration to the ones of wars like Vietnam’s.