AoT Lausanne, third edition

May 28, 2019

AoTL#3 took place for the very first time out of the EPFL! And above all, in French!!! First of all, we would like to thank once again the sidewalk café who warmly welcomed us!

Only two months before the official anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the first step on the Moon, the evening was of course about our natural satellite and the first men to walk on it.

Have we been to the moon? How to talk to a plotter, by Youtuber Antoine Salaun

Antoine Salaun, Youtuber and physics student at the EPFL, gave us all the tools we needed to respond to a plotter defending body and soul that man has never actually been to the moon.

So here's how to answer if you hear one of the following arguments during your discussions:

Argument n°1: Artificial lights, we hear a lot about questions such as why we don't see the stars on the videos or why there is light? The answer is quite simple, as on Earth, its daytime on the face on which astronauts are positioned. They are therefore illuminated by the Sun, and as on Earth, they cannot see stars during the day.

Argument n°2: The floating flag, often used but simply swept away because of the metal bar on the flag to keep it straight.

50 years of man on moon, by Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier

Our favorite Swiss astronaut talked about the history of man on the moon and the Apollo program with a more human vision, with an emotion and a strength that only he has the secret. From Tintin on the Moon to the lunar tourism project proposed by Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, he told us about the beauty of a mission that was initially motivated by war, but which greeted all of humanity as a lunar walker.

Exhaust to the Super Lands, by Dr. Apurva Oza

Apurva Oza, PostDoc at the University of Bern and of American-Indian origin, presented us with his own style the escape of the Earth towards other planets, exo-planets and perhaps exo-moon in order to find interstellar bars, as he likes to say.