AoT Lausanne, fifth edition

December 17, 2019

For its 5th edition, AoT took place in the heights of Lausanne, at Caffè Bellini. We would like to thank them for their welcome and for their old refurbished wine cellar in which the evening took place.

Pulsars: Space clocks and more

Aurélien Verdier, a Master's student in Astrophysics at the EPFL Astrophysics Laboratory, came to talk to us about Pulsars, these very distant objects that pulsate in radio waves with extreme precision, making them real "space clocks".

CHEOPS’s challenge

Emilie Hertig, also a Master's student in astrophysics at LASTRO, told us about the Swiss satellite CHEOPS, which aims at mapping and inventorying exoplanets. It was planned to be launched on the morning of the day AoT#5 took place, but it was postponed and finally went very well.

Order vs Chaos: A War for the Survival of Planetary Systems

Manu Stalport, an astrophysics student at the University of Geneva, came to talk to us about exoplanets, and more precisely about the formation of planetary systems around the stars of our universe. In particular, he explained the role that chaos plays in the formation of these systems.