AoT Lausanne, sixth editions

Spring Semester, 2020 Online editions

AoT #6.1

Shall we let a puny virus take away our favorite casualo-astronomical rendez-vous ? Hell no ! We have organized a virtual Astronomy on Tap Friday April 3 at 6pm, via Zoom.

Conference: Dr.Andrea Fortier "CHEOPS: from a space project to a space mission"

Andrea studied Astronomy in La Plata, Argentina, where she also got her PhD in Astronomy. Arrived in Bern for a PosDoc in 2010 to continue her research in Planet Formation. In 2012, Andrea started to do some calculations for CHEOPS (in the framework of the proposal for the first ESA Small Mission) and since 2013 Andrea is the CHEOPS Instrument Scientist.

AoT #6.2

Our second edition took place two weeks later on the 17th of April, still via Zoom.

Conference: Julie Böhning "How to stabilize a rocket?"

Julie Böhning is a student in microtechnology at EPFL and president of the Gruyère Space Program association. Gruyère Space Program (GSP) is a small association composed of 7 students who are passionate about rocket modelism. Since 1 year and half, their project is to create from A to Z their own rocket models. With 4 different models under their belt, they are now working on the development of a 2-staged stabilised rocket.

AoT #6.3

Our third edition took place two weeks later on the first of May, via Zoom again.

Conference: Pierre Groslambert and Théophile Balestrini: "How to develop a hybrid motor?"

Pierre and Théophile are two members of the EPFL Rocket Team. This EPFL interdisciplinary project aims at building rockets to take part in the American competition Spaceport America Cup. Their current project is Project Bella Lui 2020 which will be launched in the Summer 2021.

AoT #6.4

Our fourth edition took place on the 15th of May, via Zoom.

Conference: Victoria Letertre: "GrowBotHub: the robot, aeroponics and extreme environments".

Victoria Letertre is the president of GrowBotHub. This EPFL interdisciplinary project aims at developing a new technology useful for our return on our satellite, the Moon. This project is part of the Swiss Space Center initiative, IGLUNA.

AoT #6.5

Our fifth and last edition of the semester took place on the 27th of May, via Zoom.

Conference: Tristan Trebaol and Alessandra CapurroCHESS: a student-led Swiss satellite mission: "In the heart of CHESS: a student-led Swiss satellite mission".

Tristan and Alessandra are respectively the project manager and the system engineer of the EPFL Spacecraft Team. This EPFL interdisciplinary project aims at developing a Swiss constellation of nano-satellites (CubeSat) to conduct multiple scientific and technological experiments in space.