About us


Space@yourService (S@yS) is a new EPFL association, whose main goal is the promotion and the popularization of Space sciences (astronomy, astrophysics and space engineering) amongst the general public and EPFL students.

To this end, S@yS organizes events called Astronomy on Tap, which consist of several short space-related conferences. AoT events are held in a bar or café-theatre, in order to take advantage of the less academic context to allow an easy exchange between the speakers and the public, especially over a good beer.

In addition to these AoT events, S@yS also organizes various space-related conferences at the EPFL.

For more information, you can consult our website.

The members of the committee are:
• President : Chloé Carrière, also known as Galactic Chloé
• Vice-president : Jonas Martin, aka Jupiter Jonas
• Secretary : Ilan D’andria
• Paymaster : Théodore Curtil, aka Maverick
• Communication Manager : Julien Corsin, aka Quasarboy
• Event Manager : Kevin Pahud, aka Starman
• Designer : Ioris Aiello, aka Iorisattelite
• Asclepios Manager : Marcellin Feasson, aka Elon
• Webmaster : Julien Mommer, aka JuliEn’deavour
• Account checkers : Antoine Silvin, Sonali Mayani

Our main sponsors are the 3 EPFL bodies involved in the space sector, the Swiss Space Center, the LASTRO and the EPFL Space Center.

If you want to support us, you can make a donation during our events by voting in our beautiful space-themed tip jar !