20 years of the Chandra x-Ray satellite

April 29, 2019

The Chandra X-ray satellite celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the Center for Astrophysics - Harvard&Smithsonian collaborated with our association to organize a conference to celebrate the anniversary of one of the best X-ray telescopes currently in orbit. This conference was also an opportunity for Space@yourService to be officially presented to everyone and to be launched as a brand new EPFL association! The evening began with a conference on Chandra, presented by Jean-Paul Kneib, LASTRO and eSpace Director, who showed us that this satellite, which has been operational for 20 years, is still one of the most efficient in the field of X-ray observation. Then, our communications manager, Kevin Pahud, aka Starman, hosted a quiz on Chandra, which allowed those who succeeded to win various goodies offered by the Center for Astrophysics - Harvard&Smithsonian. Finally, Claude Nicollier, a Swiss astronaut and professor at EPFL, gave a lecture on how Chandra was put into orbit using a space shuttle. He showed the challenge it represented, and made the connection with his own experience as an astronaut. The evening ended with an aperitif, which allowed the audience to interact with the speakers and our committee.